Q: How much does it cost to rent a frozen drink machine?

A: The rental price is given with a phone quote. We offer the 5 Star Party Pack (5 STAR PARTY PACK) Includes, 1 mix, 50 plastic 9-ounce cups, straws, ringer of salt, delivery and pickup. The rental will include, machine, stand, drip tray, skirt, and power cord (if needed).

Q: What will I have to do to the drink machine?

A: Click the button up for "On" 15 minutes before your party starts.

Q: How many drinks does one mix make

A: One mix will make 70-75 of the 9-ounce cups, that we provide you. One mix will serve 20-25 people.

You might find the below information helpful to plan your next party.

*Quantities per person not guaranteed; estimated based off typical consumption and provided for your party planning convenience.

Q: How long do your machines take to freeze?

A: You will be drinking frozen beverages within 15 minutes.

Q: Who provides the alcohol and how much will I need?

A: You will provide all alcohol needed for your party. (2-1.75 liters per Mix